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2014 TRADEIT Entrepreneurship Summer Academy - June 2014

Event | 11 Mar 2014

The 2014 TRADEIT Entrepreneurship Summer Academy will be hosted by the Institute of Technology, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland on June 16th, 17th and 18th 2014. It will provide an interactive real time forum for the food researcher to investigate the commercial potential and feasibility of his/her research.

The Academy will offer a three way model of engagement between the food researcher, the research centre manager and the traditional food SME.

Participants will receive training on the core skills required to set up a business and the associated templates and support. The structure of the 3 day Summer Academy will facilitate the sharing of intellectual and social capital between food researchers, the business community and research centre managers.  The value of mentorship and acknowledgement of role models will be promoted both as part of the formal programme but also informally through the networking and social engagements.  It will enable food researchers to meet the practitioners in an environment conducive to networking and information sharing, optimise experiential and peer learning, real time interactions and feedback from the business community.

The most innovative researcher will be awarded with the TRADEIT Innovation award as evaluated by a panel of food related businesses, research centre managers and representatives from participating TRADEIT partners.  

Calls for Application will be posted on the TRADEIT Website -