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Organic Trust 2014 AGM - Sunday October 19th 2014

Event | 04 Sep 2014

The 2014 AGM of the Organic Trust Limited will be held at Highbank Organic Farm & Orchards, Farmley, Cuffesgrange, Co Kilkenny

Organic Trust 2014 AGM - Sunday October 19th 2014 Image
Highbank Orchards location of the 2014 Organic Trust AGM

Rod and Julie Calder-Potts, our hosts from Highbank Orchards, have kindly agreed to open their beautiful organically certified farm and orchards for the 2014 Organic Trust AGM.

The morning session (which is confined to Organic Trust licensees only) will deal with AGM business & elections to the Board of Management.

The afternoon session will be officially opened at 2 pm and will include a keynote presentation from renowned organic advocate Anya Hultberg from Copenhagen House of Food Denmark.  The afternoon session is open to the public but prior booking is essential by emailing  

Anya Hultberg is an inspirational speaker from the Copenhagen House of Food (CHOF).  The CHOF was set up as an independent non-commercial foundation by the City of Copenhagen in 2007; their mission was to create a nourishing, sustainable and joyful food culture in the public domain. Organic food was identified as fitting the mission criteria and CHOF are aiming to have all of Copenhagen's 900 public kitchens convert to using 90% organic ingredients by 2015.  They are well on their way to reaching this target as all public kitchens were using an average of 75% organic ingredients by the end of 2013.

All those who have had the privilege to listen to Anya in the past were inspired by her enthusiasm for the project.  Her keynote speech at the Organic Trust 2014 AGM is one speech not to miss from this green public procurement expert!